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Newspaper El Tribuno
Salta – Sunday, December 17 of 1995

The Palestinian representative in Argentina ratified the process

Peace in Middle East is irreversible (view)

Suhail Hani Daher Akel, a representative of Palestine Liberation Organization in Argentina, considered that the peace process in Middle East is “irreversible”. He stated that he amply believes that “everything must be done to achieve a definite peace in the region”.

As he visited El Tribuno yesterday, the Palestine National Authority in the country announced that the sixth olive tree will be soon planted in Salta. The other five trees were planted in other cities in the country, as a symbol of peace and harmony among nations.

Daher Akel joined the celebrations on the occasion of the recovery of Nablus, a region where the flag of the Palestine State has begun to fly again since Friday.

As you know, in Washington on September 28 of 1995, the Israeli government and the Palestinian group agreed to put an end to decades of conflicts and confrontations - recognizing their legitimate and political rights, trying to live under a pacific cohabitation, mutual dignity and security - in order to achieve a fair, endless and comprehensive peace accord.

Consulted about the possibility of future clashes, he emphasized that “the Palestinian people can agree or disagree, but they must never give up the dialogue alternative in order to seal a definite peace” when we maintain that “we have always been a democracy in exile”.

Notwithstanding, the diplomat showed himself worried about the “heavily armed presence” of 90,000 Israeli settlers who live in the Palestinian territories because they could “block” the good intentions of the accord between Israel and the PLO.

Historically, Palestine has been a country rich in natural resources. Before the Israeli occupation, Palestine used to produce cereal, wheat and leather, among others, in huge quantities. According to Daher Akel, who was expelled from his country together with his family in 1984, territories were devastated during the occupation years

Photo: The Palestinian representative Suhail Hani Daher Akel stated that he amply believes that “everything must be done to achieve a definite peace in the region”.

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