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As a Reflection

From the PLO to the Palestine Embassy

A long trajectory. It was not an unimportant thing. The aim was considerably noble. The objective was the opening of an office of the Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO in Argentina which provides the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Boycott, conspiracies and threats took place constantly. It was not easy. The bitter tastes increased as these painful situations not only were used for those opposed to the Palestinian interests, but, sometimes from the internal front, for those who confused and blinded for their personal ambitions surpassed the aspirations of our own people.

All became part of a high cost. But nothing and nobody could stop a silent strategy which was strengthened by each blow, the latter being what stimulated it to continue.

Since a long exile I have been transitorily moved away from my birthplace, Jerusalem, and my people. The commitment with my land and with who today is the Homeland Father, Martyr Yasser Arafat, made me propose myself to reach the fixed national objectives.

There have been too much work to do since the most difficult and hostile moments. Of course, I will be cautious about strategy, contacts and agreements with the different high personalities who allowed to succeed in reaching the objective. Only at a bibliographical level, I will present the development resumed in 13 articles which have been published in the media since the beginning in 1985, reviewing the diplomatic acknowledgement of the PLO in 1996, up to the donation of a property and the opening of the Palestine Embassy in Argentine with excellent diplomatic relations in 1999.

Paraguay and Uruguay

As a result of the lack of presence, it was necessary to reach similar achievements. With the same discretion, I will just present an article which dates from 2000 where Paraguay accepted the installation of a Palestinian Diplomatic Mission. This installation give place to the signing of the establishment of our diplomatic relations by the Chancellors of both countries in March of 2005.

As far as it is concerned, Uruguay was very important. In spite of the strong pressures carried out by usual hostile people, the channels of contact maintain a latent vigil which will probably give light to our diplomatic relations. Even though it can be shown in an extensive way, I will only gratify it in two press publications.

In my conclusion, the national objectives are never completed. But this marked the beginning in the test of life.

Up to Jerusalem

Suhail Hani Daher Akel

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Acknowledgment of the PLO is required in our country - 1985

Recognition of the PLO is requested - 1987

Opening a Palestinian Embassy is requested - 1990

PLO recognition is requested in the Chamber of Deputies - 1990

Project for the recognition of Palestine - 1990

First Diplomatic Bilateral Relations - 1996

Palestinian Status - 1996

PLO, with official rank in Argentina - 1996

Yasser Arafat would come to Argentina this year - 1996

Palestinians with a diplomatic headquarters - 1996

A building for Palestine - 1996

Arafat thanked Menem for the real estate’ s donation - 1997

Arafat already possesses his own house - 1998

The Palestinian Embassy Building - 1996-1999

Palestine headquarter is inaugurated - 1999

Palestine Embassy is inaugurated - 1999

First Palestinian Headquarter is Inaugurated - 1999

Inauguration of Palestinian Embassy in pictures - 1999

Palestine and Israel, the corner of Akel - 1999

Diplomatic Recognition of Paraguay - 2000

Palestine invited for first time - 2005

Argentina will have an embassy in Ramallah -2005

Vazquez analyses Palestinian proposal to open a Diplomatic Mission in Uruguay - 2005