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Palestine’s Diagnosis

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Ambassador of Palestine in Argentina

In the whiteness

With its undulated plains, its mountains, its desert and a Mediterranean sea coating its beaches, was the proper field for a climate concentrated in two seasons, with a mild cold, snow in zones, few rains and a lot of heat, giving the valuable climax to be an historical land rich in minerals and citrus. Palestine, from its whiteness is a noble land, land of prophets and learned persons. She, received to the Prophet’s Father, Abraham; inside her, born, died and resuscitated the Palestinian Jesus, The Saver and from that place the prophet Mohammed elevated himself to heaven, turning the noble land in the manger of the three monotheistic religions: the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim.

Biblically known as Palestine-Canaan. Although its history is pre biblical, strewed for cities like Jerusalem with a life of 5,500 years, Jerico with 10,000 years of antiquity, or Bethlehem with 4,000 years of history. Among other biblical cities still in Palestine, are: Nazareth, Nablus, Hebron, Galilee, Gaza and Affoula. It’s proper to remember among other discoveries, the ones of the archeologist Parker in 1909, in his discovery of tombs from 4000 b.C., identifying the culture, the use of the agriculture, the construction and the bronze melted for the Canaaneans.

Whit its 27,000 square kilometers and its favored location, Palestine-Canaan, took its lastly name thanks to the Semite fusion of the Canaaneans-Philistinians, printing in 1175 b.C. its lastly name Philistine-Palestine, Philistinians-Palestinians. But its land, thanks to the strategic location on the Mediterranean, joining three continents Asia, Africa and Europe, was turned in the altar of the settlers´ invasions and imperialists on duty.

The colonialist erudition was showed with invasions like the Hebrew one in 1020 b.C., the Persians in 538, the Macedonians in 332, the Greeks in 169, the macabian Hebrews in 160 and the Romans in 37 b.C. Again the Persians in 614 a.C., the crusader in 1099, the ottomans in 1517 up till 1914, the British in 1917, the Zionists from the beginning of the XX century, the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and the Israeli occupation of the rest of Palestine starting from 1967.

However, the Palestinian presence was steadfast forehead the invader’s aggression and passed the determinations of the Hebrew King Herodes when sent to kill to the just born, the Palestinian Jesus, killing thousand of Palestinian children, or the one of the Hebrew Samson, who arrived to Gaza and by means of his suicide attack destroyed the house of the Philistinians (Palestinians), killing with his death thousand of them, according to the Holy Bible.

Salem – Jerusalem – Al Quds

Was built 3,500 years b.C for the Jebuseans, a Semitic-Arab-Canaanean tribe of the Palestinian genealogy, calling it Salem in honor to peace’s God and printed in 1805 b.C character of administrative city, capital of Palestine-Canaan, when Maleq Sadec (Melqisedec), High Priest of the Almighty God and king of Jerusalem, received to the Iraqi Abraham who arrived on the promised land for God’s order to be the Father of the Nations. The monotheistic Palestinian king divided the bread and the wine, and Abraham, with humility and obedience gave him his tithes.

As part of the Hebrew invaders who arrived in 1020 b.C., at the edge of the sword, imposed over a part of Palestine the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Juda. King David, who saved his life with the Philistinians from Bethlehem, and only when they killed to his prosecutor King Saul, who occupied Jerusalem, his ironic retribution was to keep the occupation, and in 1004 b.C. put in King, changed the city’s name for a new one, David’s City. followed for the Hebrew Salomon King, built the Temple with his name. A Temple which Jesus prophesied: “Really I say will not be stone over stone which will not be destroyed...”.

After the Palestinian King Melqisadec, up to date, no one Palestinian leader could govern free in Jerusalem and this one, always was outraged for kings and emperors; generals and foreign dictators. Meanwhile its Palestinian people resisted the anger of violence and the prepotency of the occupants, the suffering was showed by the own Jesus, who expressed: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that kill the prophets and the God’s envoys”, the Holy Bible.

Not only it couldn’t govern to Jerusalem, but also Palestine with its antecedent quoted from almost 10,000 years, the Palestinians, could govern their country only during 2,800 years in different periods and never with full freedom. It take account that the lastly Holy profile and its Arab character was printed with the arrived of the Islam in 638 a.C.,

With the caliph Umar el Khattab, minting the tolerance between the three monotheistic religions, the respect and dignity between their inhabitants, and making possible for Jerusalem to be the field of the Palestinian intellectuality.

By these times, Jerusalem was subjugated to the prepotency again. Occupied for the Israelis in 1967, was illegally turned in indivisible city, Israel’s capital, in July 30th, 1980. The international reject was immediate and unanimous. The UN in its resolution 478, August 20th, 1980, urged Israel the military withdrawal from East Jerusalem, not turn it in indivisible capital and not modify its juridical status, and requested to the member countries to keep their embassies in Tel Aviv, recognized capital for Israel. United States, Europe, Argentina and Latin America currently are keeping their embassies in Tel Aviv and in spite of the international determination and the Holy Seat’s request, Jerusalem Al-Quds (The Holy) is still illegally captured for Israel.

With this quick insertion in the history, the interest, is to highlight the legitimate and natural right which the Palestinian people has in their land, over their heritage and origins. Moreover a right because they resisted up to date all the invasions and massacres imposed over the people’s life.

The Catastrophe

When the XIX century was ending, the little minority Palestinian-Jewish which lived in Palestine, was part of the religious (community) Yishuv, living together without obstacles nor persecutions. Far away from this reality, the European Zionist-Jews met in the First Zionist Congress in Basilea, Swiss, from August 29th to 31st, 1897, planed the plot of the Theodore Herzl´s expansionist conscience’s principles of a Jewish State in Palestine, meaning: to colonize Palestine; federate and judaize to the Jews, reaffirm the “national” feeling and manage the enough pressure over the governments to achieve the Zionist goal.

In consequence of the accusations over the French-Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus, the agnostic Jewish journalist Theodore Herzl, from Hungary, was moved for the persecutions against Jews in France, 1984, and turned himself in Zionist and creator of the First Zionist Congress. With interpretation of the suffering and persecution, Herzl, didn’t spare words: “we will try to delete the Arab population (from Palestine)... giving them work in transit countries...”. the wishes were announced in 1891 for the Zionist Ahad Ha´am, who said the Arabs knew about the Zionist intentions.

With a convulsed Palestine at beginning of XX century, corrupted for the Turkish-ottoman occupation, the final point of this one, and the beginning of the British occupation, made possible that the Palestinian sky was covered with the Zionist terrorism of the European Jews, foreign to this country, opposed to the British declamation of a National Jewish Home in Palestine, compromised with the colonialist terror and inclined to a next Jewish State with excellent relationships with the hitlerian Germany, proper to Yitzhak Shamir declamations, head of the Zionist terrorist group Leji. However, protected in the promoted Jewish suffering in Europe, they applied in the same way, a hidden, suffering over the Palestinian people.

With disabled consciences and a deep European crisis without resolution, gave place to the interested international forces to achieve the enough pressure over the recently created United Nations and to insert in this one “the Palestinian problem”. Without the Palestinian presence, the UN decided, with a vote of 33 countries over 59 and the opposite England’s vote, to approve on November 29th, 1947, the resolution 181 which called to the “Palestinian division”. With enigmatic attitude and without take into account to the Palestinian people which inhabited the land, the UN determined the creation of a Jewish State with the 55%. The 45% remaining, would be to Palestine turned into State. Meanwhile, Jerusalem, the historical Palestine capital, would be an internationalized city inside the Palestinian State, and their limits wouldn’t touch with the next Jewish State.

Desirous to destabilize Palestine, nothing pleased to the Zionist expansionism. The head of the Agriculture Jewish Fund, Joseph Weitz, wrote on December 19th, 1940: “it’s clear there is no place to both peoples...” On the other hand, Menahem Beguin, head of the terrorist group Irgun Zvai Leumi, said in 1948 that the division didn’t mean that would private the Jews of the total Palestinian territories, Jerusalem and included Transjordan. At the same time, the terrorist leader of the group Haganah, David Ben Gurion, discharged his philosophy of violence when said on March 19th, 1948: “The Jewish State will not depend of the UN´s division plan, will depend of our military power”.

This division which kept the Palestinians as guests of stone, in the ground, meant the changing again of a people for another one arrived from far away. The 60% of the Palestinian people was hurled to the sea as consequence of the Zionist terrorism applied in the massacres inside villages and cities like: Deir Yassin (near Jerusalem) on April 9th, 1948, Tiberiades, April 19th, 1948, the ports Haifa and Jaffa, on April 22nd and 28th, 1948, the Jerusalem’s west sector on April 30th, 1948, Beisan, Safad and Acre on May 8th, 10th and 14th, 1948.

With a total of 418 Palestinian villages and cities destroyed, leveled and massacred, on May 15th, 1948, David Ben Gurion, unilaterally proclaim the creation of the State of Israel with the 78% of Palestine, military occupying the Jerusalem’s west sector. Palestine crumbled, and over its rubbles the Zionist lifted up their Palestinian People Nakba´s flag (catastrophe). The rest of Palestine (22%) was eclipsed. The north sector was under Transjordan administration, calling it Cisjordan or West Bank. Meanwhile Gaza, was subjugated to the Egyptian administration. Finally, like corollary of the Arab-Israeli war, on June 5th, 1967, Israel occupied the rest of the Palestinian territories and the East sector of the Holy Jerusalem-Al Quds.

Although the UN foreseen two states, the Zionist shadowed the possibility of the Palestinian State and used the hypocrisy to justify the biggest territory’s occupation and to diffuse their “tragedy of security”, legitimating their military power to expand as security way because the attacks of the “Arab countries”. As to the Palestinian refugees, they detached of the responsibility accusing to the Arabs of exhort them to go. However the Arab countries never crossed the supposed Israel’s border line and the own BBC recognized there were no radio calls or Arab voices asking the abandonment of the Palestinian lands, and in stead the Palestinians called to stay in the place. Showing, that the Palestinian refugees run away of the Holocaust imposed by the massacres and the atrocities of the Zionist terrorist groups.

The UN´s resolution 194, December 11th, 1948, urged to the new State of Israel the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes in their lands. In the practice and the verbosity, Israel rejected that determination and approved the Return law in 1952, which automatically turns any Jew in the world who arrived on Israel into Israeli citizen, supporting in that way the growing program of kibbutz and the illegal settlements to asphyxiate and to delete the Palestinian geography.

The multiple of the injustices, which ended beating with the time to both peoples, marked as main responsibility the division of Palestine in two States and the second, to recognize in 1949 only one, the State of Israel, and to reduce the right of the other one, the State of Palestine is a simple “topic about refugees”. However, in the search of any kind of explanation, linking the injustice suffered, with the wishes of the Zionist Congress in 1897, to “exert the enough pressure over the governments”, we find the answer in the words of the President of the United States Harry Truman: “I’m sorry, but I have to satisfy to thousand of hundreds persons who are anxious to see the Zionist success. I don’t have to thousand of hundred Arabs between my electors”.

The Jewish resistance

Many Jews were opposed to the creation of a Jewish State inside other State, and were part of the intellectual resistance. This is the case of the Jewish scientific Albert Einstein, whom the president of the Zionist Agency, Jain Weizman, offered the first presidency of the further Jewish State, Einstein reject it and said, what’s going to happen with the Arabs in Palestine?, the hypocrisy of the answer was amazing: “What Arabs?. I don’t believe that could have importance.” The Weizman´s answer marked the policy which Einstein was afraid of, the Zionist desire and the further State of Israel to not recognize an Arab State of Palestine, to refuse all the national rights of the Palestinian people, to hurled the Palestinian to the sea and to try to judaize to Palestine and Jerusalem.

The own Ahad Ha´an, one of the promoters of the first Zionist Congress, defrauded with the Zionist virulence in Palestine, said: “servants were the Jews in the Diaspora’s lands, suddenly they found freedom in Palestine and this situation woke up in them an inclination to despotism. Treat the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, private them of their rights, offend them without cause and pride themselves of these actions...”

The intellectual Jew Martin Bober, in 1948 was opposed to the proclaim of the Jewish State in unilateral way and express: “only an internal revolution could have the necessary power to cure our people of the killer illness and the hate without cause”...”we settle Jewish populations brought from far away, we have inherit their homes, now we are harvesting their fields, take the fruits of their gardens, vineyards in the cities we stolen them.”

On the other hand, the Jewish professor Erich Fromm, spoke out about the theory of the “promised land”: “... the Arabs in Israel have more legitimacy than the Jews... the recovery of the Jews over the Israel’s land can’t be a legitimate recovery. If all the nations suddenly recovery territories in which their ancestors lived 2000 years ago, this world will be a insane asylum...”

With an established Israel, the resistance duplicated. The rabbi Moshe Hirsch, leader of the Nuterei Karta movement, refused to recognize Israel and to convene the Jews as national identity, equalizing the “Zionism with the nazism”. One time, invited for the Premier Rabin, the rabbi Hirsch, answered him, “I don’t have problems to visit you like another Jew, but I will not do as Israel’s First Minister”.

Moreover, the conscience demolished the feelings of the so-called Israeli “war’s heroes”, the general Moshe Dayan, after to occupy Jerusalem in 1967 and to see the Palestinian suffering, recognized: “we arrived on this country populated for Arabs, and we are establishing a Jewish State, Jewish villages were built instead Arab villages. We are the settlers, and without an iron helmet and a gun we can’t plant a tree nor build a house...”.

Was the own American Jewish actor, Woody Allen, infuriated to see the Israeli army’s atrocities against the Palestinian children in the 1987´s Intifada, who said in 1988 to New York Times: “Am I reading well the dailies? Are we talking about brutalities and premeditated tortures permitted for the State? Are these the persons whom I stolen the money of those little cans in blue and white to take funds for a Jewish land?”.

The Palestinian resistance

The Palestinians, like life’s example, established their resistance and kept themselves stead forehead the adversity of the invasions, keeping their presence in their land and the continuity of their people, from the Jerusalem’s founders up to date.

In the 50´s, the past century, the “Palestine Resistance National Movement-FATAH”, led for their founders the commandant Yasser Arafat, Farouk Kaddoumi (current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Palestine), Abu Jihad (killed by Israel in 1988) and Abu Iyad (killed by Israel in 1991), designed the brave Palestine Revolution on the basis of dignity and national liberation. With the foundation of the Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO, on May 28th, 1964, in the Seven Arches Hotel, Palestine, and the democratic arrival to the presidency of the commandant Arafat in 1968, the PLO, was turned into the structure of the State of Palestine in the exile, internationally recognized for the UN in its resolution 3237, 1974, invited to President Yasser Arafat to pronounce his first statement before the General Assembly, he received an ovation, and the Israeli representative was not present in his seat.

Meanwhile the Occupant Power, Israel, discredited and accused the PLO of “terrorist” to minimize the Palestinian leadership, with subtlety, planed the killing of the Palestinian People and the killing of their high leadership

With selective assassinations in different parts of the world. On the other hand, the PLO´s learned leadership, crossing the thorn’s garden, imposed itself over Israel in the intellectual, military, politic and diplomatic ground.

With the intellectual good sense and a deep discussion inside the PLO, prevailing the President Arafat´s policy, about the Palestinian freedom couldn’t be to expenses of the another’s freedom, in spite of the freedom’s privation imposed by Israel, after the Arab Summit in Fez, 1974, the PLO launched its peace message accepting talk with Israel on the base of the establishment of the Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital in the occupied territories in 1967. The Golda Meir´s disdain, who having the investment of Israel’s Premier expressed to Sunday Times, on June 15th, 1969: “What Palestinians?. There is nothing called Palestinians”, was the repercussion which inspired Israel to refuse the Palestinian proposal.

The setback suffered for the Israeli army in their water bombing facilities, Ailabum, on January 1st, 1965; the defeat in the Karameh battle in Jordan, March 21st, 1976 for the Fatah Palestinian forces, the PLO´s resistance before the Israeli invasion in Beirut in 1982 and the humiliation of a powerful Israeli army accustomed to win in the Arab-Israeli wars, was deactivated before the Intifada´s stones in the Palestine territories, December 1987. Before this reality, Israel, was caught between the Palestinian brave popular determination and the Israeli progressive sectors, which increased their contacts with the PLO and with the President Yasser Arafat, in spite to be conscientious that they could be punished with imprisonment in their return to Israel.

The Intifada

Promoter of storms, Sharon, harvest the death of thousand of Lebanese and Palestinian refugees in his invasion to Lebanon in 1982, and filled with the massacre’s smell the Sabra´s and Chatila´s Palestinian refugee camps. However he couldn’t assassinate to the PLO´s leadership, nor to kill the President Yasser Arafat in charged of the resistance; and going deeper in his failure, the Israeli jurists commission led by the judge Yitzhak Kahan, found to Sharon and to the Israeli Premier responsible for the massacre, obligating them to resign their charges. Nobility obligates, the israeli pacifist movement Gush Shalom, mobilized in Tel Aviv to 400,000 Israelis against Beguin and his Defense Minister, Sharon, for the massacre of 5,000 Palestinian refugees, turning it in the main topic of the Israeli new conscience, compromised with the reality of two peoples for two States.

In the tragedy’s reading and the occupation’s submission exploded the Intifada´s leit motiv on December 8th, 1987, arising from the rubbles like the phoenix bird to impose the liberation stone over the occupation tanks. It’s true the price was too high and the Palestinian blood bathed the plains. The American Department of State, recognized in 1988, “Many deaths and avoidable wounds were caused for the israeli soldiers... the soldiers of the Israeli army used clubs to brake extremities and to beat Palestinians who weren’t involved in disturbs...”. In this way, we have to remember Israel is the only country in the world in which the torture is legalized for its Justice Court.

With the pain´s weight and the fortitude of honor, the Palestinian people won again their dignity and their name. In 1948, for the international community the Palestinian question, was only a “refugees´ case”. In 1965 when the Palestinian resistance took the weapons in a legitimate way to defend their self-determination, was unjustly called “terrorist”. Thanks to the Intifada´s fortitude, which lastly unmasked to the Israeli occupation’s face, the world called them again by their name: “Palestinians”.

Crowned the Intifada, after the 20th session of the PLO´s Palestinian National Council (parliament) called “Jerusalem and the Martyrs”, the President Yasser Arafat on November 15th, 1988, in Algeria, declared the State of Palestine’s Independence with East Jerusalem as its capital. Adding a brave historical determination, to recognize the State of Israel next to the State of Palestine. The irresponsibility of the Israeli leadership, was demonstrated again when refused the Palestinian determination to achieve a Palestinian-Israeli understanding to put far away the violence which involved them in a circle without end, and refused any independence possibility of the State of Palestine.

The Agreements´ Era

After the Gulf War, a war which Arabs didn’t know how to prevent, the President George Bush, after to pass the Israeli pressures which refused the PLO´s participation and the Palestinians from Jerusalem, on October 30th, 1991, convoked in Madrid the first Peace’s Conference, where Palestinians (compromised with the PLO), Jordans, Lebaneses, Syrians and Israelis, had the opportunity to cross sights and sit together.

However, was the tabernacle of the reproach and not the capacity of tolerance to put end to so odious conflict. The Israeli delegation led by their Premier Ytzhak Shamir, in lethargy state, when was consulted by Spanish journalists about the Israeli attitude, after these conversations, with respect to “Big Israel”, which includes Palestine, Jordan, part of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arab, Shamir answered: “This live in the mind and heart of every Israeli.”

The secret and direct conversations between Palestinian and Israelis projected in other future, found in Oslo a great field headed for the capable notability of the (extinct) Norwegian minister of foreign affairs Johann Juergen Holst. The reciprocal recognizing of the PLO and Israel on September 9th, 1993, and after of the “Jerusalem’s Letter” signed by the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, Shimon Peres, recognizing the Palestinian right to East Jerusalem. On September 13th, 1993, in a windy and sunny day, the White House´s gardens were full of hopes and the guarantee’s quill wet with the peace’s ink was ceded by Russia and the President William Clinton to the President Yasser Arafat and the Prime Minister Ytzhak Rabin, signing the Oslo´s Agreements on the basis of the UN´s international laws 242 and 338. The “Peace of the Braves” proposed for the President Arafat, was signed with the strong shake hand, giving place to Arafat, Rabin and Peres, to be the Peace Nobel Prize 1994.

Over the negative reaction of the Likud party and the Shamir and Sharon criticizes, the appropriate climax was achieved. Palestinians and Israelis stopped being enemies to be partners in peace, the happiness was joint with the tears, the Palestinian and Israeli flags were laced and the Palestinian children filled with flowers the Israeli soldiers´ helmets. With others agreements all would finish in May 1999. The occupation had to stop and the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem had to re establish, and as an equal with the State of Israel to sign the lastly Peace Agreement.

On July 1st, 1994, the President Yasser Arafat, victorious, left his long exile to return Palestine, to establish the Palestine National Authority and to begin to lift up a free a democratic country which could permit lace the modernism with the millenary of the Holy Land. A Palestine and a Jerusalem open humanity patrimony and receiver of the men who loves peace. As part of these projects were established the Executive Power, Legislative and Judicial. Were built ministries, hospitals and institutions. Were built buildings and streets. Were built universities and schools, and was implanted the first Palestinian Study Program, which covered from the kindergartens until the high level curses. Was created the first Palestinian document and passport, recovering the Palestine national identity. The life was modernized and the democracy was fortified calling on January 20th, 1996, to the first democratic elections, in which the Palestinian people, including those from East Jerusalem, elected to Yasser Arafat for President with 88,1 per cent of the votes.

If we open a pause and talk about democracy, and after that we stop in the israeli democracy and take as base that Israel boast about being the only democracy in the Middle East, it’s valid an extra chapter to point out that Israel, is a theocratic country, without Constitution and without delimited borders presented before United Nations.

The clouds were in the sky. Israel couldn’t stop the Premier Rabin’s assassination in 1995, by an Israeli terrorist. The peace was withdrew and the hope was stolen. No one another Israeli leader had the strength to achieve the “Peace of the Braves”, to put end to the occupation and give place to the State of Palestine. On the contrary, each Israeli who arrived on the power exerted his pressure to speculate to win more Palestinian lands and to create new Israeli illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories, specially in the East Jerusalem’s nearby, with the interest to asphyxiate the Palestinian geography and to use those settlements and their illegal Jewish settlers like exchange money in the end of the agreements, leaving the International Agreements turned into personal agreements.

The unencounter of the Israeli policy. The obligation to totally withdraw from the Palestinian territories before the imminent final of the agreements on May 4th, 1999, and the Palestinian people’s right to proclaim a State of Palestine, involved them in a deep crisis which obligated to the Israeli government to call for elections in advance. At the time the international community exhorted the President Arafat not to proclaim, due to Israeli’s threats to invade again the Palestinian territories, to wait the new Israeli leadership and to sign an agreement for no more than one year. Ehud Barak won and reached the power, the new agreement was signed and a new hope was drew in the horizon of the Palestinian and Israeli people.

In the symphony of the agreements, the new one had end on September 13th, 2000, permitting again in that date to the Palestinian leadership to proclaim the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as capital. However, in June, 2000, when Clinton convoked Arafat and Barak to give form to the final agreement in Camp David. Unexpectedly , the Premier Barak presented a map of the further State of Palestine drew with the occupation’s quill and located for the Israeli interests. It was unacceptable, Palestine wouldn’t have full sovereignty and would turn into an Israeli apartheid. Israel again turned into ink over the paper the United Nations´ resolutions, violated the international agreements signed with Palestine; violated the international laws and the Geneva Agreements, 1949.

The verbosity of the occupation, refused the return of the Palestinian refugees in 1948 and 1967, provided in the agreements, refused to put end to the East Jerusalem’s occupation and not only Barak wanted to “cede” some Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. About the word “cede”, it needs a reflection. Israel hasn’t something to “cede” but withdraw and to put end to the occupation in all East Jerusalem and in Palestine territory occupied in 1967, like the United Nations´ resolutions and the signed agreements urges it.

With a big media influence, Barak tried to show how offers and super offers proposed by first time to the Palestinians and refused for the exclusive Arafat’s responsibility due to the Palestinian leader’s engagement with violence. However, Miss Leha Rabin, wife of the former peace’s partner, opened the Barak´s conscience and ruined his fragile excuse, expressing him: “You are not worthy of the Peace of the Braves. You have a peace’s partner and Arafat is that.”

The malaise also arrived on the Israeli movement Gush Shalon´s side joint with another Israeli movements like Women in Black, Icahd and Yesh Gvul, amongst others, which were opposed to Netanyahu’s, Bark’s and Sharon’s attitudes, to destroy the peace’s process, to keep the occupation and to assassinate the Palestinian civil population.

Palestine turned into Auschwitz

The Ariel Sharon’s storm moved the unenconunter´s waters and on September 28th, 2000, tried to enter with their forces in the Holy Old Jerusalem City and to violate the Holy Place of the Mosques. Sharon knew he was a non pleasing persons in Jerusalem and he went there to unchain the Palestinian Intifada and to wake up the Israeli pacifists anger. Sharon had success with his plan, unchained the quarrel and won the power.

Sharon, who had a failure because he couldn’t assassinate to Arafat in Beirut, reached the power to pulverize the peace which Rabin constructed with Arafat in 1993, and governed to accuse the President Arafat of the responsibility of the attacks in Israel, with the desire to turn, ironically, the President Arafat into his security chief. When actually, the responsibility of the Israeli civil population’s security is Israel’s, and like Occupant Power, proper to the Fourth Geneva Convene, Israel is responsible of the Palestine civil population’s security.

The United Nations´ non-governmental organizations, the High Commissioner and the Human Rights´ Commission, were watching and alerting with preoccupation about the Israeli policy to violate the Palestinian human rights. On September 3rd, 2001, met in the UN called to the Summit Against the Racism and Discrimination, in Durban, South Africa, 3.000 Non Governmental organizations, mostly Jewish, jumped the American-Israeli boycott and condemned to Israel as “Racist, Apartheid and Crimes against the Humanity”.

Favored for the attacks suffered for the United States, on September 11th, 2001, in which the President George W. Bush, opened the “war against the terror and the evil’s axis”, Sharon tried to lift up the altar of the justification, to change the real way of the conflict with occupants and occupied, to show himself attacked and to attack; to feel himself a victim of the terrorism and to impose the terrorism of state and the terrorism of the Israeli illegal settlers, and to show a risk in the Israel’s security, to put in risk the Palestinian people’s security, the security of the peoples in the region and his own Israeli people’s security.

After 15 months of government, Sharon put his Israeli people in the insecurity, the death and the war. Meanwhile, in the Palestinian side, reoccupied all the Palestine cities, moved the civil population with bombings of the powerful war planes F-16, Apache helicopters, tanks Abrams M1, armored vehicles, toxic gas CS, CN, CR and impoverished uranium, and imposed the Palestinian People’s ethnical cleaning, proposed on June 9th, 2001, for the General Shaul Mofaz, head of the Israeli Occupation Forces in his document dedicated to the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the “Final Solution”. Something similar to the nazi final solution with the European Jews. In this way, the Israeli aggressive policy, was intellectually outlined by the Portuguese Literature’s Nobel Prize, Jose Saramago, who compared the “Jewish suffering in the nazis´ hands, with the Palestinian suffering in the Israelis´ hands”.

Victim of the debility of his own failure, Sharon, discharged a powerful military siege over the President Arafat in his presidency on December 1st, 2001, and on March 29th, 2002, bombed the presidency, plundered it and stolen the State’s documents, and put the President Arafat in the red line to assassinate him. But with spiritual strength Arafat, responded the aggression: “I’m prepared to be a Martyr and can martyrize to all the Palestinian people, however, one day a child will lift the Palestine National Flag in Jerusalem”. Finally, Sharon took away the military siege in the Ramallah´s presidency on May 1st, 2002.

With the sight comparable with Atilas, Sharon, didn’t present on November 28th, 2001 before the Belgium Justice Court, where he is demanded as War Criminal; he didn’t hear the international calls; he didn’t hear the claims of the Security Council’s Resolutions, 1397, 1402, 1403, 1404 and 1405, which recognizes the State of Palestine, requests the end of the Israeli occupation and the end of the violence.

At the same time, that the Arab world’s proposal to recognize the State of Israel, if this, recognizes the State of Palestine, issued on March 28th, 2002, the Sharon’s response, was to declare in the next day, the so-called “Defense Wall” war, where a Nuclear Power infuriated against the Palestinian civil population and printed the first massacre in the Century XXI.

Before that Palestinian civilian’s massacre in Jenin and another Palestinian cities, the Human Rights Commission headed by the High Commissioner Mery Robinson, on April 15th, 2002, strongly condemned to Israel because the use of tortures; expropriation and homes demolitions; the use of Palestinians as human shields; extra-judicial killings; massacres; prohibition to bury the deaths and leveling of ambulances. He was accused to violate the war laws and urged him to put end to the occupation and to the restrictions imposed on the President Yasser Arafat. Israel turned the condemn into wet paper and prohibited two times (April 23rd and May 1st, 2002), to the UN´s research Commission to reach the refugee camps to determinate the massacres´ level.

Before a deafening silence, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed and plundered the presidencies in Gaza, Bethlehem and Ramallah, desecrated the Holy Places in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, shot over the Mary Virgin’s statue in the Church of the Nativity. Plundered and destroyed hospitals and communication media. Repressed to the foreign press and didn’t permit to work the physicians and paramedics to help the injured persons and to reach the deaths. Crushed the ambulances and particular cars with war tanks. Boycotted the electricity, the communications, the water, the food and the medicaments. Massacred to the Palestinian people in Nablus, Tulkarem, Jenin, Qalqilya, Gaza, Jericho and Hebron. Annihilated thousand of civil houses and removed the rubbles with the destroyed corpses to bury them in common tombs.

Common tombs?... like the nazis ones with the Jews...

In the last 20 months, the Palestinian civil martyrs are more than 3,500, of them 40% are children under 12 years old, the injured persons are 100,000 and the Palestinian kidnapped are over 4,000. On the other hand, the United Nations Development Program- UNDP in its meeting on May 7th, 2002, detailed that the Palestinian economic losses are over 400,000 million dollars.

What level reached the madness, the desire to humiliation and degradation against the Palestinian people. How to explain without exaggerations the Israeli barbarousness internationally publicizing a Robot destroying to a human being, to a Palestinian “suspicious” to be a suicide terrorist. Using the foreign television’s cameras to show the Robot’s effectiveness rolling to an innocent Palestinian once and again, elevating him and rolling him until crush him, meanwhile a weapon in the head and another two in the Robot’s arms targets to the heart and the head of the human being, whose finally the Robot elevates and knocks down the Palestinian in a Israeli military truck with uncertain destiny. (May 8th, 2002).

To such violence, by moments, it breaths an accomplice air with the justice. Is the air of the “conscience objectors”, the Israeli soldiers which began with 52 reserve officers and currently are more than 2,000, those who refused to serve in the occupied territories. In their note presented to the Israeli Defense Minister, Benjamin Ben Eliezer, highlighted: “From September 29th, 2000, the Israeli army carried out a dirty war against the Palestine Authority. This dirty war includes extra-judicial killings and the killings of women and children... This is not related with the security (Israel) and its only goal is to control forever the Palestinian people”

In this framework, is common to listen Israel talk about is the only democracy in the Middle East, when actually it’s a theocratic country without Constitution, nor has presented its borders before the United Nations. It’s common to ask what’s the solution. It’s common to listen the Israeli spokesmen, without responsibility of occupants, ask the end of violence and the cease of fire. However, if actually we want to end the violence, the Violence’s Mother, is the Israeli occupation and the negation to the Palestinian national rights. The violence is the Sharon’s boldness to inflict in the Palestinian internal questions and to try change to its democratic leadership. The violence is the determination of the governance party, the far rightist Likud, when votes against the recognizing of the State of Palestine in their congress on May 12th, 2002.

From the Holy Seat, its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Monsignor Jean Louis Tauran, considered the Likud´s vote: “Very preoccupant, because the peace process has a goal, and that goal is the creation of two independent States”.

The Gush Shalon´s movement by its side, on Saturday, May11th, 2002, alerted about the far rightist attitude of the Sharon’s government, and met to 100,000 Israelis in the Rabin’s Park, Tel Aviv, repudiating the Sharon’s, Peres´, Mofaz´s and Ben Eliezer´s policy, signed certificates to present them as Crimes against the Humanity and outlined the slogan “go away from the Palestinian occupied territories, go back home.”

2002, an Special Year

This year is very particular to the Palestine national conscience. In this year are 105 years of the first Zionist Congress, which called to the Palestine’s fall down. Are 85 years from the British declaration to a Jewish National Home in Palestine. Are 55 years from the United Nations´ partition of Palestine. Are 35 years from the Israeli military occupation in East Jerusalem and in the rest of Palestine and are 15 years from the Palestine Intifada.

 The suffering is big, the tragedy is from a long time and the injustice can’t continue beating the doors of the Palestinian people. Nor it’s just that the international community, on comfortable chairs sees on the TV’s screen the bloodbath of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples for the exclusive Sharon’s responsibility, and disgusted before the horror, change the canal.

 The American ambivalent policy can’t continue urging to the occupied to encourage the occupant. Nor can’t look for the guilt of the occupied and to permit impose the colonialist determination of the occupant. United States must put end to the economic aid of 10 million dollars per day, which proper the former President Jimmy Carter, Israel used to buy weapons. They can’t continue delivering sophisticated weapons like the war planes F-16, which Israel send without mercy over the Palestinian civil population. United States must leave his relationship with Israel, to pass from the statement diplomacy, to the action diplomacy and to urge Israel to accomplish with the UN´s resolutions, the agreements and the initiatives of the former American Senator, George Mitchell, and the former Head of the CIA, George Tenet. At the same time, the international community must urge to Sharon demit and to present himself before the International Court and give place to a new Israeli leadership, compromised with the Peace of the Braves, could change the State of Israel’s face and share with the State of Palestine a peace’s and living together´s future, in which the Palestinian-Israeli infancy over the cloned Herodes, could develop in the life’s culture.

May 15th, 2002


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